/ Focus on Gender Relations

Based on a feminist perspective, cfd has developed strategies for the prevention of violence, peace building and conflict management. The organisation analyses the various forms of violence and exclusion that occur during war and peace. It brings the security needs and interests of women to the fore, giving them visibility and weight.

cfd deconstructs the common association between peaceable behaviour and femininity, and looks at how militarisation relates to concepts of masculinity. cfd supports a feminist politics of peace rather than concepts that follow an exclusive, militarist design. The feminist peace policies are comprehensive, including socio-economic, political, ecological and psychological aspects of peace and safety.

Empowerment ist both the means and the end of a feminist politics of peace, and can be defined as an individual and collective process of acquiring power. In this sense, cfd works to improve women's access to resources, and to influence gender relations in favour of a greater gender equality.
A Transversal Study on Empowerment


The cfd is member of the 'Center for Peacebuilding' (KOFF). The various KOFF round tables, for example on gender issues or on the Near East, are important platforms for an exchange of information between NGO's and state actors.

As a member of the directory board of the 'NGO-Coordination post Beijing', cfd watches over the implementation of the 'Plan of Action for Gender Equality in Switzerland', and contributes to the shadow reports for the UNO.

cfd cooperates with the 'GSoA' (Group for an Army-Free Switzerland) and 'Frauen für den Frieden Schweiz' (Women for Peace Switzerland), lancing initiatives, campaigns and staging events that touch on current peace-related topics. The cfd and the 'Schweizerischer Friedensrat' (Swiss Council for Peace) have worked together for many years.


Rally for the Rights of Women and their participation in the peace process in Afghanistan.

cfd dossiers on feminist politics of peace (in German only):
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Kompetenzzentrum Friedensförderung KOFF
NGO-Coordination post Beijing
GSoA Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee
Frauen für den Frieden Schweiz
Schweizerischer Friedensrat